A Solution to Our Health Problems

living foods dietPeople have become obsessed with exercise and going to the gym every day, spend more money on supplements, eating diet meals daily to lose weight and have a lean body, but still gain weight and even got sick. Two-thirds of the American population is overweight and it becomes bigger. The result to this is, many people are suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes. We are not aware that we have been nutritionally misled for years. We are not just overeating because of plentiful of food, but we are mainly hungry because of “carbohydrate addiction”, it is a symptom of our body’s desire for a missing nutrient like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs. Our body requires significant amount of PEOs daily to satisfy our cravings.

By naturally fulfilling our hunger with PEO-based food like fresh fruits and vegetables, some nuts (walnuts) and meat from grass-eating animals is the best solution to become healthy and lean-for-life, energized and disease-free. Consuming the right amount of foods like the “Living foods” diet that have not undergone food processing will stop our cravings.

The so called solution to our health problems is actually the major cause of our problem, which has resulted in a tragic outcome.  Eating the wrong diet is the main reason why there are many overweight and sick people in the world. The main cause of sickness is the food that we consume. Therefore, we have to be careful in choosing the kind of food that we eat to ensure that it will nourish our body and help us become healthy and lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder