Alternate Your Diet Primarily Protein and With Anything You Desire

proteinProtein has a fat-burning power, the key to long-term success is to alternate what you eat and primarily protein and anything you desire to eat. It will be your own choice to either not gain or to lose weight each day. You are in the position to choose what you eat. The great news is that science shows the way to completely control your own body weight. Consuming fat won’t make you fatter, but it will inhibit burning body fat, meaning it will inhibit weight loss. When you eat protein, it causes the most fat-burning in your body. You have to combine these two properties to decide where you want to be during the day. You have to decide if what could be easier for you.

Your decision will be accomplished by your daily choice of eating either foods providing a combination of protein and fat (weight maintenance mode) with minimal carbohydrates, or eating primarily protein (weight and body fat loss) with some PEOs. When you say with some PEOs, you have to make sure you eat organic/natural meat or from animals that eat grass, because grass contain PEOs. You can also get protein from some nuts, but meat is a great source of protein that our body needs.

If you desire to eat a piece of cake, you can eat it, because your next meal can be all protein to compensate. If are craving to eat pizza while watching your favorite game, it is not an issue because the nest day you can easily consume no carbohydrates, since the PEOs or Parent Essential Oils really help eliminate those fattening carbohydrate cravings.


Mike Maunu – Founder