Animal-Based Protein is The Supreme Source of Protein

animal-based proteinAnimal-based protein is best for human body, because it is fully digested and is highly concentrated. Vegetable-based foods has protein, but not fully digestible by human being. In able to obtain just enough ounces of bio-available, muscle-building protein, you have to consume staggering amounts of non-animal-based foods like 19 pounds or 8,700 grams of brown organic rice, 6 pounds of kidney beans, or 2.3 pounds of almonds. Beans and rice are not perfect foods as often told by well-intentioned nutritionist, because they only contain complementary proteins. You can’t eat enough of them to get the sufficient protein needed by your body without getting fat and becoming diabetic also. India became one the most diabetic countries in the world because of improperly practiced vegetarianism.

The value of carbohydrate-rich traditional diets has been overstated. As you have often heard from nutritionist and physicians that people living in the third-world and developing countries eat better and more nutritious diet than the developed countries, because their foods are produced with far less refinement and less food processing and they eat more soy, legumes and whole grains. This may be true when it comes to eating unprocessed oils and unprocessed foods like plant-based food as sources of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, but it isn’t true when it comes to critical protein requirement.

For those people who wish to remain vegetarian, but also want to obtain the health and dietary benefits of the higher-quality animal proteins, you can still obtain animal-based proteins from animal products such as cottage and ricotta cheeses, eggs, hard cheeses and unsweetened yogurt, without having to eat animal flesh at all.


Mike Maunu – Founder