Are ketones and Ketosis an Issue to Be Concerned About?

KetonesIt was known to physicians that protein consumption will lead to the burning of ketones for energy, which is not actually ketosis and in the extreme, metabolic acidosis is dreadful for a Type I diabetic without access to insulin. Professor and author of Biochemistry at Stanford University, Dr. Lubert Stryer stated important facts about ketones. “Ketones are “normal fuels of respiration and are quantitatively important sources of energy.”

What are ketones? Ketones are organic compounds produced by the body as it breaks down fat or fuel when glucose in not available. Then ketones are used as energy sources all throughout the human body. Even physicians are often surprised that ketones become the primary fuel used by the liver, skeletal muscles, and heart. It was also stated by Voet’s Biochemistry that ‘ Ketone bodies are water-soluble equivalents of fatty acids.”

Several People are often overdosed on glucose from their excessively high carbohydrate diets. Contrary to what other physicians have been telling to people, ketones are used as “Brain Fuel”, too. In fact, ketones are meant to be your brain’s preferred fuel source and not carbohydrates.

Maximum energy with maximum fat-burning: Ketones serve an important function in energy with maximum production while you burn your own body fat. To become easily lean for life, you have to consume plenty of healthy foods with proper nutrients like protein and PEOs. And these nutrients that could help your body burn excess fats. And these excess fats came from carbohydrates that you consume and they are not healthy for your body and you should minimize eating them.


Mike Maunu – Founder