Bone Matrix is Composed of Protein and Natural Fats

osteoporosisThe human bone matrix is composed of protein-based collagen and it needs those healthy essential oils, PEOs. These PEOs should be consumed daily in order to satisfy your body’s constant cravings until your Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs requirement is met. In addition to helping naturally fulfill your appetite, they are also used throughout your body. Several people today and even experts are confused about the cause of the number one bone disease or bone loss especially in adults. This problem is actually caused by lack of protein in the body. Protein is essential to keep your bone healthy and you need to consume lots of protein in a daily basis.

Scientifically, the more protein you consume the better. Protein does not leach out calcium from your bones. The Textbook of Medical Physiology states that, “Protein functions in…the cells to transport calcium into the cell cytoplasm. The rate of calcium absorption seems to be directly proportional to the quality of this calcium binding protein.”

In additional, calcium is transported via protein. Along with the protein, the calcium is actually going into the cell, and not being taken away. That’s the reason why lack of protein is one of the significant causes of osteoporosis. Consumption of calcium can’t correct a protein deficiency. In order for you to have a maximum bone health, you have to consume more protein regularly. Animal-based protein contains more protein than vegetable-based protein. Animal protein like organic/natural meat, eggs and organic cheese are great sources of animal-based protein.


Mike Maunu – Founder