Boost Your Health With Enough Nutrients

PEOsIf your body doesn’t have enough nutrients, your immune system will become weak, you’ll get sick easily and you’ll get fatter or thinner. To boost your health, you have to get enough nutrients and you can only acquire those important nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, natural fats and other vitamins that your body needs by eating plenty of foods that contain them. Taking supplements like fish oil can’t help in making you healthy, all you need is to acquire them by consuming food that contain those nutrients in their “Parent” forms like PEOs.

Great sources of these nutrients especially those PEOs or plant-based sources should be eaten fresh and raw. For the animal-based like protein and natural fats, should be natural or organic. Meat is a great source of protein and natural fats, it should be from animals that eat grass and not animal feeds to ensure that you’ll be safe from hormones and other chemicals. These additives are the ones that can cause diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. You can cook the meat, but don’t overcook it, in order to retain the nutrients. You can also eat other poultry products like eggs and milk as well as dairy products like organic cheese and milk.

Don’t compromise your health, you have to boost your immune system by eating lots of foods that contain PEOs, protein, natural fats and other vitamins. Avoid eating foods that have high-carbohydrate content and processed foods from food chains. It’s best that you prepare your own meal to ensure that you are consuming healthy and natural foods.


Mike Maunu – Founder