Break Carbohydrate Cravings With PEOs

carbohydrate cravingsHigh-carbohydrate diet is not healthy to human health. It can affect your daily routine, because too much carbohydrate consumption can make you sleepy and tired afterwards. High-carbohydrate diet can also cause bloating and can make you thirsty. Carbohydrates also implicated in numerous health challenges that’s why you have to break carbohydrate cravings and change your diet with a healthy one that includes essential food nutrients like natural fats, Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and protein.

PEOs and other nutrients that you can acquire from the food that you consume don’t cause fatigue and health problems or deadly diseases. Since there is a mere 1 teaspoon of glucose in the bloodstream, no more than 12 teaspoons of (glycemic) carbohydrate, 240 calories/60 grams is a fine daily target. Increase glucose (carbohydrate) is a strong risk factor of colorectal cancer. For group of people that has the highest blood insulin and glucose levels, more polyps occurred. The greater the increase in blood glucose and insulin, which is caused by carbohydrate consumption, the greater the cancer risk. The more aggressive the cancer, the more deadly carbohydrate consumption is.

If you seek the link from decreased carbohydrates and increased PEOs, protein, natural fats and other food nutrients to better health. Experts and researchers likely don’t fully understand how much better patients can become when the PEO Solution is fully implemented. Of course by minimizing glycemic carbohydrates (those which produce glucose in the blood, thus requiring insulin production) is fundamental as is consumption of more fully functional PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder