Carbohydrate Diet is Bad for Diabetics

carbohydrate dietThe American Journal of Clinical Nutrition makes clear the fact that a carbohydrate diet is awful for diabetics. “In type II diabetes, the carbohydrate diet caused harmful blood sugar and harmful insulin response. The carbohydrate diet also caused high triglycerides. If this cause was not bad enough, a high carbohydrate diet is also a dieter’s worst nightmare because it causes you to stay hungry, too. The more sweets you eat like candy, cakes, chocolates, or ice cream, the more sweets you crave. Once you start eating sweets, you can’t stop eating sweets because of the insulin response that makes you crave in increasing amount.

Lacking in vital essential nutrients causes overweight, tiredness and being hungry. However, if you eat the vital nutrients that your body needs like PEOs-based foods , you’ll get energized, thin and satisfied, which means stopped your cravings for more carbs and sweets. PEOs sources are fresh fruits and vegetables or unprocessed foods. Processed foods like candy, chocolates, cakes and other sweets makes you crave more for sweets. In order to stop your cravings, you have to eat foods that contain PEOs like fresh fruits, because they contain good carbs and less sugar.

A simple carb like soda hits your bloodstream as sugar in just a couple of minutes. A so-called “complex” carbohydrate (a starch) takes just 15-30 minutes to enter the bloodstream as glucose. Simple sugar and complex sugar are both recognized by your body in exactly the same way. Each five grams which is equivalent to 20 calories of carbohydrate is the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar. Each five grams of carb that you eat doubles the amount of sugar to your blood. This gives you a clear idea just how hard you are making your pancreas work to reduce the sugar back down to one teaspoon each time you consume carbohydrates. Carbohydrates aren’t required for energy to make lean-for-life even easier and fast.


Mike Maunu – Founder