Carbohydrates Are Not Needed For Fat Burning

PEOs-rich-dietIt has been known that lots of carbohydrates are required in order for fat to be burned for energy. This quote is not correct, your body will burn fat for energy automatically if there is no overdosing of carbohydrates. Another nutritional myth is that to increase metabolism and burn fat, one must consume lots of carbohydrates and this is not correct. Carbohydrates slow down metabolism compared to consuming natural fats and proteins as the Textbook of Medical Physiology stated. In addition, no carbohydrates or proteins are required for energy production, just your own body fat.

The truth is, “Almost all the normal energy requirements of the body can be provided by oxidation of the transported free fatty acid without using any carbohydrates or proteins for energy.” No carbohydrates are required for energy and protein won’t be stolen from your muscles for energy either. One should be aware that if you ever eat and afterwards you become tired and sleepy, you have eaten too much carbohydrate. It’s an indication that you have consumed lots of carbohydrates more than your body can handle.

You can eat more and never get fat when you eat PEOs-rich-diet. Foods that are rich in PEOs are fresh fruits and vegetables. However, they have to be eaten fresh and raw not to lose all the nutrients that your body needs. They are great sources of Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 in their Parent forms . They are needed to produce the essential fatty acids or EFAs that your body needs to functional well. PEOs-based-foods can make you full easily, which is a great help to satisfy your carvings for more carbs and sweets without overdosing.


Mike Maunu – Founder