Carbohydrates Are Sugar

PEOsIt is important that you are aware that your body recognized carbohydrates as sugar every time that you are looking at carbohydrate, whether is a bowl of cereals, a can of soda or a piece of bread. It is a fact that the human body’s response to the ingestion of high-carbohydrate diet is to store more body fat. The only exception is when you are doing strenuous exercise every day. However, if you are not doing enough exercise regularly, you better minimize consuming those fattening carbohydrates.

High-carbohydrate diet is not healthy for human body. Carbohydrate is not an important food and consumption should be lessened if you want to lose weight and become lean-for-life. Carbohydrate turns to sugar and can help you become diabetic. There are more important nutrients that your body needs and they are natural fats, protein as well as Parent Essential Oils or PEOs. For decades, the average Americans has unknowingly consumed over 60-70 teaspoons of disguised sugar, which is in the form of carbohydrates each day such as bread, cereals, chocolates, juice, oatmeal, rice, spaghetti and more. These foods contain carbohydrates and they should be minimized or avoided because they make you fatter and hinder metabolism.

Being healthy, becoming and staying lean-for-life means that eating the right kind of diet that does not include carbohydrates for people that are not doing enough exercise every day or else you’ll get fatter or become diabetic. You have to eat more protein-based foods like meat, PEOs-based foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and also organic meat. Natural fats are also needed by your body and they are healthy.


Mike Maunu – Founder