Carbohydrates Can Make Diabetes Worse

diabetesFor years, aside from overdosing on carbohydrates, diabetic people were deficient in essential parent omega 6 (EFAs) in the cell membranes. EFAs deficiency would impair insulin effectiveness and can cause insulin resistance, because insulin doesn’t work effectively. Diabetes epidemic has become a worldwide problem and several physicians and nutritionists are doing everything to stop its proliferation.

Carbohydrates generate an insulin response, which provokes fat storage, since insulin is a fat storage hormone. The more fat you have, the more of a certain chemical, called Lp-PLA (2), is generated. It has been shown in some studies Lp-PLA (2) removes precious parent omega 6 from cell membranes. If the cell membrane is deficient in Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs, insulin transport into the cell is compromised and your risk of insulin resistance significantly increases. You do not need this additional diabetes risk factor. You have to minimize, diabetes-causing carbohydrates and you will be on the path of a healthy life. It has been reported in the Journal that, “Phospholipase A2 (PLA (2)) hydrolyzes (removes) fatty acids from membrane phospholipids (the cell membranes comprised mainly of parent omega 6).

If you have been eating lots of carbohydrates prior to starting your lower carb regimen, you have to make sure to gradually reduce your carbohydrate consumption. Changing your diet drastically can shock your body negatively, which could affect your digestion and could cause a sugar low that can last a week or so. In order to avoid this, you have to start reducing your carb portions to about half for a month. Then you can reduce a little more in each subsequent week. And in order to increase fat burning, you have to reduce carb intake to 20-30 grams for maintenance or with vigorous exercise, keep carbs at 60 grams (12 tsp) or less. You have to consume foods that contain essential nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein and natural fats to become healthy and lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder