Carbohydrates Make You Fatter

carbohydrate cravingsIf you consume too much carbohydrate energy and can’t use it immediately, it will make you fatter. Carbohydrate energy should be burnt by exercising or running a mile or else all excess will go your belly, rear-end or thighs. It has been made clear by Textbook of Medical Physiology that, “Whenever a greater quantity of carbohydrates enters the body than can be used immediately for energy or stored in the form of glycogen (an insignificant amount), the excess is rapidly converted into triglycerides and stored in this form in the adipose tissue (body fat).”

Consumption of carbohydrates in excess amount can cause an increase in stored fats or saturated fat increase in your body and that’s the reason why you get fatter. There are lots of saturated fats made out of carbohydrate overdosing. If you consume more fat, the more you crave. Nature designed each of us to “run on our own body fat”. It is just the incorrect information from other nutritionist, misled physicians, trainers, etc. that have short-circuited Nature’s natural fat-burning mechanism.

Here’s a tip to help you get rid of annoying carbohydrate cravings. Taking EFA-based supplements with more parent omega 6 than parent omega 3, except fish oil, can significantly lower carbohydrate cravings. However, these Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs can only be acquired form the food that we eat. And these foods are not just the only ordinary food that we eat, but PEOs-based foods. Parent Essential Oils or PEOs can only acquire from fresh fruits and vegetables, selected meat and nuts. When you switch your diet to PEOs-based diet or the “living foods” diet, rest assured that your cravings for carbohydrates sill stop.


Mike Maunu – Founder