Cholesterol is Not Chemically Tied to Parent Essential Oils (PEOs)

cholesterolThe real problem with cholesterol is not yet very clear to medical community, which is what the cholesterol is transporting are adulterated fats and defective oils, not the cholesterol itself. You don’t have to believe what other people tell, which is how bad natural fats are, because they are not.

Food processors or food processing have ruined the foods that you eat by destroying all the nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and protein and made LDL cholesterol into a “Poison Delivery System.” The real problem with cholesterol are not the bacon, cheese, eggs or steaks, it’s the huge number of molecules in the omega 6-based cooking oils are ruined by commercial food processing. Delicious foods were blamed and several people avoid them because of the wrong recommendations of those misinformed nutritionists and physicians.

Food processors create transfats in the hydrogenation process and it ruins the healthy oils or PEOs and any nutrients from the food just to prevent food from getting spoiled. The body incorporates these adulterated oils into its LDL cholesterol. With the consumption and transport of defective, artery-blocking processed oils, LDL cholesterol acts like a “poison delivery system,” which brings deadly transfats and other ruined oils into the cells. What really clog the arteries is the oxidized (altered) parent omega 6 fats and not the saturated fat.

In the 2004 medical journal, Current Atherosclerosis made it clear that “Parent omega 6 is one of the most abundant substances in cholesterol. With the consumption of organic, unprocessed PEOs rather than adulterated oils and transfats, LDL cholesterol will be made up of significant amounts of properly functioning “parent” omega 6, linoleic acid (LA).

Mike Maunu – Founder