Dangers of Adulterating PEOs

adulterated PEOsProcessing is very common today , especially in all foods both prepared at homes and in restaurants from food chains to fine dining. Wherever you go, there’s PEO adulteration and you can seldom find certified “organic or unprocessed” foods. In addition to transfats, there are also other adulterating processes such as interesterification. Those particular processed oils are well-known to raise resting blood glucose which is awful to diabetics. The “Living Foods” diet of Dr. Rowen guarantees to eliminate or minimize the potential for adulteration of PEOs.

The danger of adulterating PEOs by routine food processing is greater than you are led to believe. Fast foods, food chains and even fine dining restaurants often operate above the 25% “allowed” limit. Twenty-five percent is still highly unsafe because the range of harmful oils to good oils is a dangerous 5%-15%. All oils undergo adulteration when heated, even olive oil, which is highly resistant to oxidation at low temperature. Substantial evidence has been gathered over the past years that heated cooking oils, especially polyunsaturated oils, may cause numerous types of health risks to fried food consumers and even people that are working near deep fat fryers. Heat degrades polyunsaturated fatty acids to toxic compound, monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids are resistant to heat-induced degradation. Hydrogenated oils are dangerous because it can cause cardiovascular diseases or CVD and cancer.

In order to become healthy and prevent CVD and cancer, you have to make sure that you take sufficient PEOs consumption to offset the potentially harmful effects of cooking and consumption of adulterated PEOs. You can acquire PEOs from the food that you eat, these are organic/unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meat, organic dairy and poultry products.


Mike Maunu – Founder