Dangers of Food Processing

Unadulterated PEOsMost problems today are nutritionally related and because of these, experts and physicians recommend the needed vitamin supplements, calcium supplements and fish oil supplements. Most people have tried these, but most of them don’t work. Just like fish oil, it has been known in the past years as a great help to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease or CVD and diabetes, but it has been proven by researchers that it’s the number one cause of those dangerous diseases. Fish oil have undergone food processing and the process have stripped out all the nutrients from the fish and all was left is adulterated PEOs.

Today, food processing either reduces or in most cases completely strips away all the nutrients from the foods that we eat. The Parent Essential Oils or PEOs that our body needs in order to produce Essential fats or EFAs have been stripped out or been altered by food processors to prolong shelf life. Also the essential minerals in the soil where fruits, vegetables and other living foods are planted have been stripped out because of the synthetic fertilizers used to get rid of pests.

It is vital that these important nutrients such as protein and PEOs be supplemented in our diets daily so that our body can function well. Our body needs essential fats and these are Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3. They can’t be supplemented by outside sources, they can only be produced by our body that’s why we need to eat PEOs-rich foods, meaning unprocessed foods like organic and fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain unadulterated PEOs which are good for your health, and adulterated PEOs are the ones from processed foods.


Mike Maunu – Founder