Eating Organic Meat Is Not Dangerous To Human Health

animal-based proteinFor the past years and until today, meat has been known to be one of the factors of heart problems and even cancer. In fact, there has been studies conducted that links meat to cancer. However, those studies are not true, meat are great sources of protein and human body needs great amount of meat to function well. The risk of cancer and heart disease linked to meat is not really with the meat itself. What really cause those health problems are the hormones and other additives associated with the meat.

Today, you can rarely see grass lands especially in the US and other developed countries. That’s why cattle raisers resorted to feeding their cattle with animal feeds. These feeds are actually dangerous to your health. Cattle animals like cow, goat, sheep and other grass-eater animals or herbivores should only eat grass. And grass is a source of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and is naturally healthy for animals, because they are designed to eat plants and not animal feeds.

Therefore, it is recommended that you eat natural/organic meat to get the nutrients that your body needs from meat like natural fats, PEOs and protein. These nutrients are need by your body if you want to become and stay healthy for life. Chicken meat is also great source of protein, but you should also eat free range meat chicken because they only eat grass. Other poultry products like eggs as well as dairy products from cattle animals are also great source of important nutrients that your body needs.


Mike Maunu – Founder