Effects of Heated Fats on Human Health

heated oilsWhen fats are heated, a smorgasbord of oxidized fats, aldehydes and volatile compounds enter your body. Naturally, all fats that you eat are in the form of triglycerides, which are composed of three fatty acids and glycerol (a sugar alcohol compound). Heat breaks the bonds of the natural triglycerides, making free fatty acids, which are toxic, and an independent risk factor for sudden death in middle-aged men. Heat in the presence of oxygen not only breaks these bonds (releasing the free fatty acids) but also further damages the fats, producing other non-naturally occurring compounds that can be dangerous to you.

Remember that oxidized and otherwise damaged fats are the fundamental cause of vascular disease. You are simply dumping into your body a horrible mishmash of molecules not found in nature, not native to foods, and cannot be metabolized by the human body, which can give a rise to most any toxic bodily reaction, especially damage to cell membranes.

If you want a proof, you can do a simple experiment. You can take any unsaturated oil and smear it on the inside of a pan. Heat it for a period of time at moderate heat. The longer you do this, the less “oily” the oil remains and the tackier (sticky) it becomes. This is due to molecular damage to the oils and cross-linking almost making the oil into a plastic. This is the effect of heated oil inside your body in slow motion.

Fried foods are the worst things you can eat. Aside from damaged oils, the heat wipes out whatever nutritional value might have been there. If you are eating plant-based foods, you have to eat them fresh and raw to preserve food nutrients especially Parent Essential Oils or PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder