Eggs Contained More Protein Than Rice And Beans

animal-based proteinDo you know that you can get more protein from egg than from rice and beans? The answer is yes, an egg white is an ideal source of protein with a rating of 100% digestibility. On the other hand, the protein you get from brown rice is only 59% usable and the protein from beans is only 49% usable because of their fiber and other anti-nutritional factors mentioned from the Association of Official Analytical Chemists International or AOAC report, “The presence of high levels of dietary trypsin inhibitors [impeding digestion] from soybeans, kidney beans, or other grain legumes can cause substantial reductions in protein and amino acid digestibility (up to 50%) in rats and pigs.”

Therefore, the usability of the protein in rice and beans is approximately half that of an egg. It’s also a fact that the rice and beans contain only about half the quality of protein that is in a comparable quantity of eggs. Therefore, rice and beans have half the protein content of eggs and that protein is only half as usable as that in eggs. This also means that the content of rice and beans has at most a mere one-fourth of the usable protein from eggs. You can’t just eat more of rice and beans to supplement the amount of protein that your body needs. In order to get a pound worth of animal-based protein, you need four pounds of rice and beans.

It’s not healthy for you to eat four pounds of rice and beans every day. Your stomach could not handle such volume and you will be unbelievably bloated all the time. Another reason that you could not eat four pounds of rice and bean is, they contain huge amounts of carbohydrates, which could make your blood sugar soar and could make you fat! And if you eat much rice and protein, you will not get your vitamin B requirements like niacin from non-animal protein sources like cereal or rice, either.

Clearly, by increasing your animal-based protein consumption and eating more PEOs-based foods and reducing your carbohydrate-rich foods is the way to stay lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder