Excess Fructose From Fruits is Toxic

PEOsCustomers and patients have been misled by health stores, nutritionist and physicians that fruits can give lots of fiber and vitamin C and that fructose is better than glucose. There is also an overdosing with fruits. A fruits has high carbohydrate content, contains lots of fructose, which is called fruit sugar. The truth is fructose is not good for your body. The book, Principles of Medical Biochemistry made it clear that, “Excess fructose is toxic”, also “the liver metabolizes fructose faster than glucose”, “excess fructose (from just two pieces of fruit) can cause liver damage”, and “It is also of doubtful value in diabetic diets.”

If you a nutritionist or someone will tell you the next time how great fruit and you should be eating lots of it to be healthy and get more vitamin C, please tell about what you have learned here so that he/she will hopefully stop giving advice to other people. Fructose can help turn someone to be diabetic and makes you fatter.

Another important thought that warrants repeating is the truth about carbohydrates, the more carbohydrates you eat, the more carbohydrates you want. That’s the reason why you can’t eat just one cookie, one piece of pizza, one tablespoon of ice cream or one potato chip because by eating just a small amount of each food will result to more cravings. The snack manufacturers understand this. Scientifically, the response is called positive feedback. You don’t get positive feedback with either a natural fat or a protein, the more of those you eat the less you want or they lessen your cravings. These foods are from plant based foods like fresh fruits (lesser amount) and vegetables. They contain Parent Essential Oils or PEOs. The PEOs are great sources of essential fats or EFAs, the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3. Scientifically, this response is called negative feedback. This is the way your appetite should work.


Mike Maunu – Founder