Facts About Fish Oil

Here is a study from both Dr. Rowen and Professor Brian Peskin. There are keys to your success regarding fish oil. These are based on the articles and analyses published in the world’s leading medical journals and the world’s leading medical textbooks.

  1. Do not take fish/marine oil supplementsfish oil
  2. Do not take krill oil supplements.
  3. Do not eat algae-based supplements.
  4. Do not take squid oil supplements.
  5. Eat wild, not “farmed,” fish.

A typical fish portion is 4 oz (113g). Consuming 1g of crude fish oil is comparable to eating a one-sixth portion of whole fish. That gram of crude fish oil yields about 250 mg of health-grade fish oil, so it takes two-thirds of a portion to produce a single gram of health-food-grade fish oil. But it takes 100g of “health-grade” fish oil to yield just 1g of “pharmaceutical grade” fish oil. Thus, a single capsule of “super pure” omega 3, EPA, DHA, etc. is the equivalent of 71 portions (over 17 POUNDS) of unprocessed FISH!

It is a fact that it takes a whopping 17 pounds of fish to fill just 1 processed “Pharma-grade fish oil capsule. You should also be aware that fish have no oil glands and in order to produce fish oil supplements, the fish will undergo a lot of processes to get “juiced” fish to produce oil. So you get “juiced fish” which could have altered the natural oils from fish. Moreover, fish contains high derivative omega 3 which is not the required PEOs for human body.


Mike Maunu – Founder