Fiber Is Not Good To Human Health

FiberAbout a decade ago, there was a record saying that fiber is not good for human being and that it irritates, rather than helps the colon. That’s saying is true! People who are high fiber eaters will likely to develop colon cancer. The Cancer Institute has issued a retraction concerning their recommendation to eat fiber as part of so-called “healthy” diet, but that doesn’t stop the uninformed from heaping praise on the equivalent of wood as the miracle food for people. The Cancer Institute was forced to admit that colon cancer increased after people included lots of fiber as part of their diet.

The “fiber fallacy” can be traced to Irish physician and surgeon Denis Burkitt, who wrote a very popular book published in 1979 based on an earlier visit to Africa. Burkitt has postulated (incorrectly) that the increase in Western diseases among Africans, particularly cancer and heart disease, was due to a reduced consumption of plant-based foods containing dietary fiber. Conspicuously absent from Burkitt’s Western Disease were the conclusions of researcher DR. George Mann. Mann has studied the Masai tribes and came to the politically incorrect conclusion that their high fat diet from animal sources did not predispose them to heart disease.

Therefore, Burkitt’s recommendation to replace animal products with grains as a way to prevent cancer and heart disease was dead wrong and countless patients have been severely harmed by this fiber fallacy. The way to prevent cancer, heart disease, other intestinal tract and to become healthy and disease-free is by eating a healthy diet that have all the essential nutrients needed by human body especially Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein, natural fats and other vitamins and minerals that you can only acquire from organic food sources.


Mike Maunu – Founder