Fish Oil is One of the Factors that can Cause Cellulite

CelluliteCellulite has become a common epidemic in the last two generations and fish oil consumption is one of the factors that cause cellulite. When you consider the fat consumption of the people in the past, it has become more toxic/adulterated fats today. Cellulite is not just common to women, but cellulite is increasing among men. Not only that, even younger women are facing the same issue today. The diet of the western societies are far more toxic compared to the third world societies where only few men and women are suffering from cellulite problems.

The main cause of the development of cellulite is diet + fish oil. You can seldom see vegetarian people suffering from cellulite. They consume less fatty acid and live more on a living foods diet.  As a “Living foods person” they are less exposed to heat and oxidized oils.

Studies reveal that people who consume more fish oil are more likely prone to cellulite. Not only that, consumption of fish oil is more hazardous than you expected. Also, people who usually consume fish oil easily burn their skin from sun exposure – Sun helps the body produce vitamin D, which is also very helpful to human health. According to the study, [Naturally produced] Vitamin D from sunlight reduces breast cancer risk.  Houston Chronicle, Nov. 2, 1997, pg. 5A. Compared to people who consume less fatty acids, vegetarian people have beautiful and healthier skin.

To people who are eating a Living Foods diet they have most youthful skin of any diet group according to the PEO Solution. Adulterated fats are a key cause of cardiovascular disease. To people who are consuming fish oil, limit them and it will limit vascular damage. For better skin health, prevent the consumption of fatty acids. For cellulite problem, the only solution is “Living foods diet” + PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder