Food Processing Destroys Parent Omega 6

Parent omega 6Today, athletic trainers, nutritionists and physicians naively believed to whatever they read. However, they do not know that what caused adulterated, nonfunctional, non-oxygenating destroyed Parent omega 6 is food processing requirements, which also stop oxygen transfer.  That’s the most important issue that they have completely overlooked.

There are more insight things that every health professionals need to know. Although many physicians mistakenly think that parent-to-derivative conversions are very high, these researchers understand that the parent-to-derivative omega-3 conversions are ALWAYS very low (likewise with the Parent omega 6 series conversions, too). The conversion rate is a mere 1% – 5% with at least 95% of the parent PEOs of both omega 3 and omega 6 series staying in parent form.

Alpha-Linolenic acid in adipose tissue ranged from 0.36% in the lowest decile to 1.04% in the highest decile. Parent omega 6 is approximately 15-35 times more predominant in body fat (triglycerides) and even in plasma triglycerides Parent omega 6 is approximately 17 times more predominant, too.

In conclusion, consumption of omega 6 and omega 3 in “Parent” form is important to supplement the daily requirement needed by your body. The food that you have to consume should not undergo food processing to retain Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are among the great sources of PEOs. Meat also is another great source of PEOs, but only meat that comes from cattle animals that eat fresh grass. However, the meat should not be overcooked, just enough to kill the contaminating bacteria in the surface of the meat.


Mike Maunu – Founder