Frequent Eating is a Sign of Diabetes

PEOsSince the 1960s everyone is subject to more highly adulterated food in order to have a longer life. Your body requires PEOs, but can’t get enough of them in a fully functional/unadulterated state. So nature can only do one thing, makes you constantly hungry in the hopes that the next batch of food contains them. Too often, you won’t get them and you have to eat more and crave for more.

This is what you call “human billy goat syndrome.” Physicians worldwide report that patients’ cravings for food and sweets significantly decreased when the PEOs Solution is implemented. They are finally getting the unadulterated oils that their bodies are asking for. Lack of sufficient PEOs is the direct cause of the American obesity epidemic.

Glucose [sugar from carbohydrates] causes diabetes! Diabetes 2001; 50:1683-1690. “Our results underscore the importance of tight glucose [sugar] control in limiting beta-cell destruction ….”

Here is the danger of eating frequently. As all endocrinologists know, the pancreas is meant to produce insulin no more than twice a day. When eating 46 times a day your patient becomes a “diabetic time-bomb.” If your patient is already a Type II diabetic, the PEOs Solution minimizes their cravings for sweets. Therefore it is the ideal treatment for a Type II diabetic, and also minimizes their need for oral medication.

The one exception to this is that if a person needs a snack before bedtime, protein is the perfect solution. Nature supports the concept that the fittest survive, not the dumbest. May individuals have put forward crazy dietary theories without rock solid science to support their ideas. The PEOs minimizes your cravings for food as well as sweets, naturally. As hunter-gatherers, humans would never have eaten every three hours.


Mike Maunu – Founder