Fulfill Your Appetite With Food Nutrients

PEOsThere are several nutritional experts that are offering conflicting views and separating right from wrong on how to lose weight and become lean-for-life. You have to understand why a nutritional concept is wrong and it will help you become lean-for-life faster. Because of the wrong views of these experts, there are many people are getting fatter and getting sicker every day. Their recommendations to their patients are wrong and mostly failed. Becoming lean-for-life and staying healthy is simple, as simple as eating foods that are still in their “parent” forms or still unprocessed.

Food processing destroys all the food nutrients from the food that you eat that’s why there’s a little nutrients left to the food that most people are eating today. Food processing not just destroys food nutrients, but it can also cause diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease or CVD and diabetes. Another factor that destroys food nutrients are fertilizers and pesticides that are used in plant-based foods, and animal feeds that are used in feeding animals that are sources of meat. Food nutrients can only be acquired from the food that you consume and these are protein, Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, natural fats and other vitamins and minerals.

If you eat or satisfy your appetite with healthy diet that contains all the nutrients that your body needs, you’re on your way of becoming healthy and lean-for-life. Lack of nutrients is one of the causes of obesity and diseases, that’s why you have to eat more of foods that contain protein, PEOs and other nutrients to satisfy your appetite.


Mike Maunu – Founder