Gracey HYPO-Thesis for The Cause And Cure of Diabetes

diabetesNicholas Dynes Gracey, Medical Biochemist in Birmingham, England explained his HYPO-thesis “Gracey HYPO-thesis for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes.” He explained that, carbohydrate metabolism floods the bloodstream with glucose. The insulin rushes out from the pancreas to extract the excess glucose and force it into fat and muscle cells for storage and subsequent use as needed. The brain and other nerve tissues need a constant supply of glucose as fuel and have relatively little capacity to store excess glucose. In situations where the brain and other nerve tissues are under threat of insufficient glucose-fuel being provided via the blood supply, as a result of excessive storage, the fat and muscle cells adapt by becoming insulin and glucose resistant.

Finally, where insulin and glucose resistance is insufficient to divert glucose-fuel to suitably fuel the brain and other nerve tissues, the immune system acts to selectively down-regulate the pancreas by inflaming the pancreatic beta-cells, so the brain and other nerve tissues are not denied the glucose-fuel they need (in the absence of sufficient usable fatty acids). Notably little pancreatic insulin is needed for glucose to fuel the brain or other nerve tissues.

Overeating of carbohydrates (glycemic insulin-generating foods), too often, is a main cause of the worldwide obesity epidemic. Professor Peskin’s PEO discovery can help patients decrease their carbohydrate carving and cravings for sweets, along with improving cell membrane functionality so less insulin is required. The Gracey HYPO-thesis is brilliant. Diabetics often have very poor control. Their blood sugars may vary by 200 points or more. Therefore, even a value of 100 mg/dl (normal) would be considered a “relative-hypo” compared to 250 mg/dl level. The brain suffers a relative-hypo and thinks the person is starving, and the body compensates with insulin resistance and, if needs be, pancreatic destruction in order to protect the brain.


Mike Maunu – Founder