Great sources of Parent Omega 3

Living Foods DietLet’s bring human diet “evolution” from the distant past into context with today’s observations and with the experiences of many people, who eat mostly raw/living food. As humans, our dietary requirement does not just include fish/fish oil supplements. Societies eating no fish like Okinawans are among the longest-living and healthiest people on the planet.

Humans are warm-blooded animals. Our body temperatures and higher arterial oxygen tensions (degree of oxygen concentration at a specified pressure) can spontaneously disturb and ruin long chain derivatives like EPA/DHA almost immediately. As land animals, our source of EFAS has always been plants, with a conversion to long-chain derivatives very tightly regulated by the Creator for good reason. Hence, it makes excellent sense that our bodies are going to better respond to what the Creator placed before us for our diet on the land.

Fish is not just the only source of Parent omega 3. Grass-fed cattle contain plenty of Parent omega 3 oils. Grass makes Parent omega 3. The cattle easily absorb it, and convert the Parent Oil to the longer-chain derivatives as needed. Another source of Omega 3 is green leafy vegetables. Organic sources of Parent Omega 3 includes flax seeds, hemp seed, walnuts and other raw nuts/seeds, which have been clearly associated with reduction of heart disease.

DHA is a stunning 320 times more prone to auto-rancidity than monounsaturated olive oil, and seven times more prone than Parent omega-6. There’s just no way that fish oil companies can protect their oils from spontaneous oxidation, or perhaps worse, polymerization (cross linking) of unsaturated bonds, once ingested. This immediate effect explains, to a large extent, the outstanding health of real “raw fooders,” who eat the “Living Foods Diet”.


Mike Maunu – Founder