Healthy Diet To Stay Fit and Disease Free

healthy dietSeveral people today are facing health and weight problems. They are wasting their money paying gym instructors and dietitians just to lose weight, but instead of losing weight, they are gaining more. Consumption of high amount of carbohydrates and other processed foods are the main factors of obesity or gaining weight. Processed foods can even cause diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease or CVD and diabetes. Many people are getting sick because of the food they eat and they are not aware of it.

People that are eating high-carbohydrate diet and often eating processed foods from food chains and restaurants are more likely cancer and diabetes risk. Carbohydrate and fats can clog arteries and cause heart attack. In order to avoid such health risks and become disease free, you have to start eating a healthy diet. You should avoid or stop high-carbohydrate diet and prepare your own meal at home. You should eat foods that contain the needed nutrients by your body such as Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein and natural fats. You can acquire protein from natural or organic meat or from cattle animals that only eat grass, dairy products like organic cheese, eggs and milk. You can also get protein from nuts like almonds and walnuts, but animal-based protein contains much higher amount of protein than plant-based. PEOs can be acquired from fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meat and also nuts. And natural fats can be acquired from organic meat and nuts.

To reduce the risk of getting sick and stay fit for life, you have to change your diet to a healthy one in order to satisfy your appetite and stop your carbohydrate carvings.


Mike Maunu – Founder