Healthy Lifestyle With PEOs

PEOs-rich foodsThe number reason for gaining weight is consumption of carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods. Too much consumption of those foods can even cause health problems like cardiovascular disease or CVD, diabetes and cancer. Several people today are suffering such illness because physicians lead people to practice diet that are supposed to be dangerous human health just like the taking of fish oil supplements.

Those people who consume high amount of carbohydrates are candidates for diabetes and heart problems. High consumption of adulterated or processed fats can cause clogged arteries. A healthy diet should contain the right amount of nutrients that your body needs regularly. You should eat foods that have high Parent Essential Oils or PEOs content. You can get PEOs by eating great amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, selected meat from animals that eat grass and some nuts. You should avoid eating processed foods . You can’t get nutrients from cooked vegetables. You can cook meat just to kill the contaminating bacteria in the surface of the meat, just don’t burn it.

Live a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of getting sick by consuming PEOs-rich foods. Consumption of fully function PEOs can also help prevention of cancer, lower blood sugar and helps clogged arteries. PEOs great sources are the living plants or the fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain PEOs in their “Parent” forms or they are the foods that have not undergone food processing. Start living a healthy lifestyle by changing your daily diet. Start losing weight by eating PEOs-based diet instead of not eating anything or drinking diet pills that could harm your health.


Mike Maunu – Founder