High Carbohydrate Diet Causes Saturated Fat

carbohydratesIt has been told by Journal of Biological Chemistry and Lancet that cholesterol normally combined with a special type of fat called Essential Fatty Acid or EFA. On a high carbohydrate/low fat diet these EFAs are in short supply so saturated fats made from carbohydrates are tied to cholesterol instead of what is supposed to be there, the healthy essential fats.

Cholesterol is normally esterified with unsaturated fatty acid, these are extremely deficient in the body it is esterified (combined) with much more saturated fatty acids synthesized in the body from carbohydrate. You eat too many carbohydrates and lots of saturated fat is made from them. There are only few people understands that carbohydrates make saturated fat.

Basic Medical Biochemistry say that, “When an excess of dietary carbohydrate is consumed, glucose is converted to acetyl CoA, which provides the 2-carbon units that condense in a series of reactions on the fatty acid synthase complex, producing palmitate (a saturated fat)…” Therefore, it is quite clear that carbohydrates produce the saturated fat that everyone complains about.

Carbohydrates are not body’s preferred energy source. It has been stated by the Basic Medical Biochemistry Clinical Approach that glucose from carbohydrates is not the body preferred energy source, the Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs are the preferred source of energy. Also carbohydrates raise both insulin and cholesterol levels. As also stated in the book, Basic Medical Biochemistry, Insulin production, a response to consumption of carbohydrate, raises cholesterol levels. In conclusion, carbohydrate is not good for human body. It’s not a source of preferred energy, therefore we have to stop eating bad carbs and more on essential fats like Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 plant based fats.


Mike Maunu – Founder