High Carbohydrate Diet Increase Cancer Risk

carbohydratesIf your patient has cancer, its severity will worsen with increased blood glucose levels. This has been proven in recent studies. In 2011, the mechanism is covered in a published study in Cancer Research. The study showed that a diet of lower (glycemic) carbohydrates and higher protein diet is best to both prevent and slow tumor growth.

Based on the fact that cancer cells depend on glucose more than normal cells, this study compared growth rate of tumors in mice when given a low carbohydrate (CHO) diet versus a high carb “Western” diet. Researchers found that low-carb diet not only limited weight gain, but limited cancer development and progression.

Tumors are starved for glucose. Because of this, it is easy to detect the majority of human tumors using the glucose analog, fluorodeoxyglucose, via positron emission tomography. (See full details in the book, The Hidden Story of Cancerwww.pinnacle-press.com .)

The study confirmed the hypothesis that the supply of glucose is related to tumor growth. Plasma insulin levels and tumor size were correlated. Note: This supposed “hypothesis” is obvious. It is well known that tumors possess significantly more – on the order of 10-fold-isnulin receptors than normal tissue. Respiration in the mitochondrial is significantly impaired.

The statistics were that 70% of the mice on a high-carb diet developed tumors, with only one reaching normal life expectancy. Less than 30% of the lower-carb diet mice developed tumors, and one-half reached or exceeded life expectancy, with only one of these mice showing higher protein in the urine.

The researchers concluded that the diet of 15% carbs (in the form of amylose), 58% protein and 26% fat is safe and efficacious.


Mike Maunu – Founder