How Carbohydrates Keep You Fat

carbohydrateHigh-carbohydrate diet has directly cause diabetes and obesity epidemics. This problem could never have occurred if those making nutritional recommendations for human diet understood medical science. Amid Habib, MD, an eminent diabetes specialist made it clear that, “Pre-1940 there was virtually no Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is a man-made epidemic.” Furthermore, even Type I diabetes was extremely rare back then, too. The only possible explanation for these new epidemics comes from an understanding of how nutrition impacts human physiology. Specifically, excess carbohydrates overload and damage human body’s delicate pancreas. PEO deficiency can impair your cell membranes. Simultaneous conditions are a diabetic time bomb.

However, not all carbohydrates are bad. There are two types of carbohydrates, the “good” carbs and the “bad” carbs. These “good” carbs can’t make you fat, can satisfy your cravings for sweets and do not raise your blood sugar levels. These “bad” carbs are the ones that can make you fat, can’t satisfy your sweet cravings and can significantly raise your blood sugar levels. Regardless of whether the carbohydrate is simple (sugar) or complex (starch), it still contains sugar. The good carbs are unprocessed or whole fresh fruits and nutrient-dense vegetables with very low carbohydrate glycemic load. These fresh fruits and vegetables are also great sources of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and they can help satisfy your appetite and keep you skinny.

High-carbohydrate diet can make you fat, because the more carbohydrates you eat, especially the processed ones like cakes, cookies, pizza and potato chips, the hungrier you get. The only solution to become energized, lean-for-life and disease-free, is minimizing your carbohydrates intake especially the processed ones or the “bad” carbs.


Mike Maunu – Founder