How PEOs Could Benefit Athlete Performance Part 2

athletesThe general result of the long-term use of PEOs is the increase of my lean body mass while my total fat mass decreased. This is a perfect dream of any bodybuilder aspirants. I can only attribute the lean mass gain and body fat reduction to the PEOs having a satisfactory effect on my natural testosterone levels, as EFA’s are the primary building block of the hormone itself.

These are a few of the benefits that athletes can expect from PEOs.  The PEO Solution gives all athletes some advantages regardless of age:

  • It helps improved exercise tolerance
  • For better and faster recovery
  • For greater intensity
  • And for less injury

The intensified use of oxygen when doing exercise is called “oxygen debt / deficit.” The increased longer-term endurance which is more than a few minutes is absolutely dependent on cellular oxygen levels. The main issue in pain or lack of performance is net buildup of hydrogen ions, which is the direct cause of the acidity that lowers the pH of muscle and giving pain as a signal of the decreased performance ability of the muscle. A great example is cutting the risk of harming the muscle.

I would recommend PEOs to any athlete who wants to increase their workout performance, strength and achieve a leaner and more muscular body. PEOs can help make the weight constant and can maximize mental and physical performance when doing exercise or training. PEOs combined with + higher protein diet + lower carb is truly an athlete advantage.


Mike Maunu – Founder