How PEOs Help Increase Athlete’s Performance

PEOsIf athletes take nutritional steps to improve oxygen transport across your cell membranes, there will be expected increase in their performance. This means making sure that athletes have sufficient PEOs to permit oxygen transit.

The most effective therapy there is for athletes is – oxidation. Oxidation, especially by using ozone therapy or ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, has been shown to increase blood rheological properties. Red blood cells so exposed become more flexible. So it is better to squeeze through capillaries smaller than the cell diameter. Much even better, they deliver more oxygen to your tissues.

The raw food diet of Dr. Doug Graham, DC, nutrition consultant to sport stars has helped improved the physical performance of professional stars. It is termed the “Living Foods Diet.” That’s what most athletes eat and the people who want to lose weight. Living foods diet + PEOs and ozone therapy regularly is best way to have a healthy lifestyle that will surely works especially to athletes. Some athletes who’ve done some exhausting treks, sometimes getting their heart rate up to 180, and sustaining it at 140 have not experienced a “lactic acid burn” because of PEOs and living foods diet.

Combine PEOs + Living Foods diet and oxidation for an optimum performance. You can even do ozone therapy in the privacy of your own home by rectal insufflation. The latter will increase the oxygen tension in your tissues, while PEOs will permit faster and increase transport. And the nutrients in your living foods will permit combustion of your newly increased oxygen delivery.


Mike Maunu – Founder