How To Acquire Nutrients Needed By Your Body

PEOsMany people are taking food supplements including fish oil supplements as advised by some experts and physicians. However, these supplements are not good for human body, because they have undergone chemical processing which is actually harmful to human health. Everyone doesn’t need to take a multi-vitamin supplement or other food supplements like calcium and protein.

Vitamins can be acquired from the foods that you consume. Just like with other nutrients needed by your body such as protein and Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, you can’t get them from any other sources other than the foods that you consume. What you need is a supplement to replace the healthy essential oils your body can make on its own, no longer in many foods. Also, supply 8 essential minerals your body can’t make on its own, missing in the soil due to modern farming methods. Most Americans have been magnetizing out critical minerals because of harmful phytates from overdosing on carbs. Diabetics require additional minerals because high sugar levels deplete them. And a daily cleanse is needed because of the barrage of pesticide residues, hormones, steroids, and preservatives in human foods.

However, not all the foods that you eat contain all the nutrients that your body needs. Most nutrients from the foods that you eat were destroyed by food processing. So in order to retain all the nutrients that you need like protein, PEOs and other vitamins, you have to eat them in their “Parent” forms like fresh fruits and vegetables. You can get great amount of protein from meat, but make sure you eat organic meat. You can cook the meat just enough to kill contaminating bacteria, but don’t overcook it. By satisfying all the nutrients need by your body, you’re on your way to a healthy and disease-free life.


Mike Maunu – Founder