How To Avoid Cancer

vegan dietThere’s a recent study that demonstrated that vegan diets offered the greatest protection compared to lacto/ovo vegetarians from cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. Loma Linda University is a home to several Adventist vegetarian researchers. Their researchers found that vegan women had a 34% lower rate of female-specific cancers, and these women were compared to healthy omnivores who ate significantly less meat (just two servings a week) than the average in the population. The main reason is meat diets tend to increase the levels of insulin like growth factor in your blood. This hormone stimulates cancer growth, as does insulin itself.

American diet is too overloaded with protein, which, aside from the increased risk of cancer, may acidify your body. Excess acid must be neutralized with an alkaline mineral. And you might have guessed which one you’ll lose to balance excess acid-calcium. The only solution to this is moderation. Regardless of carnivore, omnivore, or some form of vegetarian, clearly the best diet is one providing a maximum of un-denatured nutrients, and you cannot find that in cooked flesh. So, you have to keep the cooked flesh to the minimum you need to feel good, and don’t worry about it! If your body tells you that you need more, based on how you feel, go for it. But just don’t eat overcooked flesh just because you are told. It is a must to stay healthy. A diet heavy on protein, especially animal-protein, is prone to inflammation and you don’t even need fish oil to reduce inflammation. Living foods, with a Creator-made perfect balance of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, will do the job for you without the risk of aging your mitochondria. So the only realistic cure for cancer is to prevent it.


Mike Maunu – Founder