How To Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

cardiovascular diseaseA study was published in 2007 in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids journal that disease-free aortae have one thing in common, an abundant concentration of the essential fatty acid linoleate (Parent Omega 6). Wherever they saw fatty streaks (an early state of atherosclerosis), they also found a deficiency in EFAs or Parent Essential Oils (PEOs). They have noted that inconsistencies in results obtained in studies of EPA and DHA could be attributed to either inadequate provision of, or inadequate utilization of, omega 6 fatty acids.

Their study explained that atherosclerosis occurs in a patchy manner, suggesting that walls of the arteries undergo regional disturbances of metabolism, predisposing them to atherosclerosis. These disturbances were characterized as the uncoupling of cellular respiration and oxidative phosphorylation. Phosphorylation, is the moving of a phosphate group from one molecule to another, is an essential part of the synthesis in the cell of ATP (ATP is the molecule which stores and supplies energy during metabolism.) When cell respiration and oxidative phosphorylation are uncoupled, the low-grade systematic inflammatory condition called atherosclerosis occurs. The abnormal development in the mitochondrial can both trigger atherosclerosis and be a way of detecting atherosclerosis and cancer.

These researchers understand chronic inflammation. PGE1 is the body’s most powerful anti-inflammatory, a metabolite of Parent omega 6. Sub-optimal amounts of functional Parent omega 6 have misled researchers into thinking supra-pharmacologic amounts of omega 3 derivatives or fish oil to overcome this defect. Parent omega 6 and its derivative metabolites are the correct and natural anti-inflammatory answer. Furthermore, fully functional Parent omega 6 stops atherosclerosis in its tracks. PEO Solution solves both the prime causes of cancer and CVD.


Mike Maunu – Founder