How to Become Lean-For-Life, Energized and Disease-Free

PEOsThere have been many research and studies done to treat life threatening diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes, but researchers and physicians mostly failed. Fish oil supplementation supposed to treat cancer, but after years and years of research, it failed to treat any diseases. Instead of treating patients, it became the root of cancer when consumed in an overdose dosage. Professor Brian Peskin has dedicated his life to provide the truth to provide positive clinical result in treating diseases. He teamed with Dr. Robert Jay Rowen to provide both the scientific theory and the real-life clinical results in patients that prove the theory. Dr. Rowen has spent five years analyzing Professor Peskin’s research and conclusions before coming on board with Parent Essential Oil Solution (PEOs).

Dr. Rowen gratefully acknowledged Professor Peskin’s significant contributions to his understanding of the PEOs connection to raw foods. Dr. Rowen is an advocate of “raw living foods” (vegetarian) diet. The PEOs refers to only two significant essential fatty acids, the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3. They are called “Parent” because they are whole, unadulterated or unprocessed forms. These two Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) only occur in nature or you could only get them from living plants and animals (grass eater cattle). And in order to preserve the PEOs from the plants, they should be eaten fresh and raw. For the meat, they should not be overcooked.

So if you want to achieve radiant health, disease-free and become lean-for-life, PEOs is the great solution or you should practice the “living foods” diet to get EFAs in their “Parent” form.


Mike Maunu – Founder