How To Get Oxygen Deep Inside Your Body

oxygenOxygen is rich in the air, but the problem is getting the rich oxygen deep inside your body. In order to get the oxygen inside your body, it will be a long route. All liquids (gas is a liquid) move by pressure. So oxygen will move from a higher pressure to lower pressure. Oxygen must be transported in red cells and these red cells pushed through your circulatory system by your heart. So oxygen must cross your mitochondrial membranes where, once inside, it will be consumed to carbon dioxide and water. Saturated fatty acids cannot conduct oxygen. Therefore, unsaturated fatty acids are critical for transport. You might think that the longer-chain fatty acids containing more unsaturated bonds (like fish oil’s EPA/DHA) might be better, which is not.

The American diet is laden with adulterated fats. These are altered parent oils that are oxidized, cross-linked (due to heat), hydrogenated (trans fats), etc. These are not working oils for oxygen transport. Hence, they cause oxygen deprivation within you cells, even if all the mechanical (heart) delivery mechanisms are working. For example, your lungs might have good capacity, your heart pumping an excellent 60% of blood with a single stroke, but with seven membranes to cross, all compromised with adulterated fats, you can still have a net oxygen deficit. Even if you breathe 100% oxygen, your body won’t be able to overcome this inner transport problem. However, if you give your body the Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, it can begin to replace the toxic fats in your membranes with life-giving, oxygen-transporting oils, enabling you to make the most use of the oxygen you breathe.


Mike Maunu – Founder