How To Have A Healthy Life

PEOsBeing healthy is not just doing exercise every day or spending your money on supplements and still be more overweight and sicker. Being healthy and lean-for-life is eating the right kind of foods or healthy and natural foods. Several people now are overweight and physicians are not leading them to the right solution and the result is not good. Several people are contracting cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The root cause of this is not overeating, you eat because you get hungry and you will just stop when you’re already full. Even nutritionists and physicians are not aware that food cravings, especially carbohydrate addiction are symptoms of human body’s desire for missing nutrients.

What your body needs in order to fulfill your appetite are organic and natural foods. You need to consume them because such foods are great sources of nutrients like PEOs, proteins and natural fats. Parent Essential Oils or PEOs help your body function well and it has been proven that PEOs help prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes. You can acquire PEOs from fruits and vegetables and they should be eaten fresh and not processed. Meat is also a great source of PEOs as well as protein and natural fats. However, you should be careful in choosing the meat that you eat, it should be natural/organic. Cattle animals or animals that eat grass and not animal feeds are the right ones. Even eggs and cheese are great sources of protein and natural fats. So the only solution to have a healthy life and lean-for-life is naturally fulfilling your hunger with PEOs, protein and natural fats.
Mike Maunu – Founder