How To Improve Physical Performance

PEOsPhysical performance is expected to can be increased if you take nutritional steps to improve oxygen transport across your cell membranes. Taking nutritional steps means, living a healthy life by practicing a healthy diet with essential food nutrients needed by your body like protein and natural fats as well as making sure that your body has sufficient Parent Essential Oils or PEOs to permit oxygen transit. Oxidation, especially via using ozone therapy or ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, has been shown to increase blood rheological (flow) properties. Red blood cells so exposed become more flexible (better to squeeze through capillaries smaller than the cell diameter). Even better, they deliver more oxygen to your tissues.

Doug Graham, DC, a nutrition consultant to sport stars has created a raw diet that helps improved the physical performance of professional stars. The raw diet was also termed as “Living Foods Diet.” If you want an optimum performance, combine PEOs with Living Foods and oxidation. (You can also do ozone therapy in the privacy of your home by rectal insufflation). The latter increase the oxygen tension in your tissues, while PEOs will permit faster and increased transport, and the nutrients in your Living Foods will permit combustion of your newly increased oxygen delivery. So if you want to improve physical performance, Living Food Diet, is the best solution. Living foods are great sources of PEOs especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Also they are great sources of other food nutrients like protein and natural fats. Your body can’t perform well if you lack these food nutrients and they will also help stop food cravings and lose weight.


Mike Maunu – Founder