How to Lessen Appetite

PEOs-based dietIt’s not slow metabolism that is making you fat. If your metabolism increases, your appetite also increases or the typical human response is that you also get hungry all the time. That’s the reason why active people or body builders are forced to eat all day long. A fast metabolism is not the answer to lessen one’s appetite and to become and stay lean-for-life. In order for you to become lean-for-life, you must stay in fat-burning mode, but you need not to starve yourself.

You have to eat nutritional food in order for you to stay full and contented all throughout the day while your body is in maximum fat-burning mode and even while you are sleeping. The foods you need consume should contain enough Parent Essential Oils or PEOs enough to sustain your body needs every day. Your body needs Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs and your body can’t produce them. The only sources of EFAs are from the food that you eat and great sources are PEOs-based foods like living plants that are fresh and raw. They need to be consumed while they are still fresh and raw to keep PEOs in their “Parent” form.

The only secret to stay full all throughout the day is by consuming plant-based or PEOs-based diet. If you consume PEOs in their “Parent” form, it will prevent you from starving more food or lessen your appetite . You only starve because you are eating the wrong diet. Your diet should always include fresh fruits and vegetables to become and stay lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder