How To Lose Excess Body Fat

lose weightToday, people of all age are having problems on how to lose weight or lose excess body fat. In order to solve this problem, experts like dietitians, nutritionists and physicians give recommendations to clients. They give diet programs that result to obesity. In order to lose weight, first you have to make sure that you need to understand that you need to not only to stop gaining weight, but also to achieve long lasting and sustainable results. And the secret to lose excess body fat is to lower your carbohydrate consumption while remaining completely satisfied.


Yes, low-carbohydrate diet will help you lose excess body fat. Not all fats are harmful to your body, natural fats in fact are good for your health. Natural fats will help you satisfy your food cravings as well as PEOs and protein. You can still eat meat or your favorite steak, and other poultry products such as organic cheeses, eggs and milk. They will can make you full and stop your cravings for more food. Natural fats won’t pack on the pounds because they are burned for energy or used in the cellular structure of your body. Your body will use the fat in the food you’ve just eaten for energy. Nature ties also protein to appetite-fulfilling natural fats. Just 30-40% or the minority of the protein that you get from food you eat gets used in vital functions of your body. The majority of consumed protein fuels your own body’s digestion. These natural fats are your friend and are critical to keeping you full while becoming lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder