How To Minimize Fat And Reshape Your Body

minimize fatFor years, several people were bombarded with information on how unhealthy and overweight most people are and there are many nutritionists and dietitians have recommended solutions on how to lose weight and stay fit. However, their recommendations are worthless and it makes people even fatter and sicker every day. To put an end to “parroting” misinformation, there are several facts on how to lose weight and stay lean-for-life.

Many people are doing strenuous exercise to lose weight. However, aerobics and running do nothing to improve your cardiovascular system or longevity. Some marathon runners routinely die of clogged arteries. It can take up to 40 days of running an hour a day just to lose 1 pound of body fat. The Exercise-Less Program gives you exceptional muscle growth, and takes just 15 minutes, twice a week. Increasing muscle is the best way to minimize fat and reshape your body. Aerobics, body building and running is extremely time consuming and difficult and they can’t help you minimize fat and reshape your body. Therefore, aerobics and running an hour a day is not heart-healthy and not good for your cardiovascular system.

Another fact is consumption of carbohydrates before workout completely short-circuits fat burning and stunts production of human growth hormone that makes muscle. Eating plenty of carbohydrates is not good before working out. The only solution to getting the perfect fit you want and how to become energized and stay lean-for-life is changing your diet by avoiding consumption of carbohydrates and eat more nutritional foods that contain more natural fats, Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein and other vitamins.


Mike Maunu – Founder