How to Preserve Meat Nutrients (PEOs and Protein)

cooking meatIf you are a carnivore or choose to eat meat, there are things that you need to be aware of to ensure that you get loads of protein and PEOs that your body needs daily. Meat is a great source protein as well as PEOs. In order to preserve meat nutrients, you don’t have to over-cook it. When cooking, always remember that your priority is just to make the flesh more digestible.

Underdone meat can easily be digested compared to over-cooked meat. You achieve maximum rate of digestion with underdone roast meat. When you re-warm underdone meat does not diminish its digestive rate, while reheating with subsequent over-cooking diminishes its digestive rate. Cooking meat is advisable as long as you keep the meat red to assist its digestion.

Light cooking of meat is the best way to keep its nutrients (protein and PEOs) and they can be digested better than raw or over-cooked meat. When the meat is over-cooked or turned brown, it slows down its digestion. Remember that your priority with regards to cooking the meat is to kill contaminating bacteria that stays generally on the meat’s surface. Don’t cook it enough to fully alter the proteins and PEOs from it.  Protein is GOOD for the KIDNEYS. Basic Medical Biochemistry – A Clinical Approach, pg. 653.

For a healthy eating habit, keep your cooking to a minimum level to keep all the food’s nutrients including protein and PEOs. This is also applicable to other type of foods that needs cooking before being consumed like fish and seeds like pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds and other kinds of nuts. However, cooking is not applicable to fruits green leafy vegetables.


Mike Maunu – Founder