How To Satisfy Your Appetite

PEOsObesity is caused by improper nutrition. Several people are eating less nutritious food today that’s why they crave for more food especially carbohydrates and sweets. Food craving is an indication of lack of nutrients from the food that you are eating. If your body lack the needed nutrients, you crave for more food especially carbohydrates and sweets. Your body crave nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein, natural fats and other vitamins that you can only acquire from the food that you eat.

In order to lessen your appetite or food cravings, you have to satisfy your appetite with the proper nutrients. These nutrients can only be supplied by the food that you eat. However, in order to get the required amount of nutrients needed by your body, you have to eat unprocessed foods or foods that have not undergone food processing to retain their nutrients. You should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, eat natural or organic meat, which is not overcooked or cooked just to kill contaminating bacteria. Meat is a great source of PEOs as well as protein and natural fats. Animal-based protein contains more protein than plant-based protein, so you have to eat more meat to get the right amount of protein. Protein and natural fats also help satisfy your appetite. When your appetite or food cravings has been satisfied, you will feel less hungry and food cravings for carbs and sweets will be eliminated. If you want to stay fit and lean-for-life, you have to avoid eating processed food with food preservatives as well as artificial sweeteners and eat more food with proper nutrients like fresh living plants and natural organic meat.


Mike Maunu – Founder