How to Stay Fit and Fabulous With PEOs

PEO-based foodHow to stay fit and fabulous is both men and women problem today. Even children have obesity problems in different parts of the world and it’s because of malnutrition. Both parents are children are eating unhealthy food.  Often times parents are busy with their work and don’t have time preparing food for their children and they often buy food from restaurants and food chains. Commercial foods sold in food chains are not healthy especially from food chains.

Processed foods like deep fried chicken, hamburgers and French fries are not healthy because they have undergone food processing. These foods contain saturated Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) that can cause cancer. These kinds of foods are the major cause of obesity and sadly these are often served to children.

In order to stay healthy, you have to eat and also serve your children with healthy foods.  Unsaturated PEOs are great if you want to stay healthy and lean-for-life.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of unsaturated PEOs. They can also help prevent cancer and other deadly diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables also contain carbohydrates, but they are good carbs.  Carbohydrates foods like bread, candy, chocolates, pasta, pizza and rice are mostly starchy and sugary that’s why they have to be avoided. Fruits have unique carbohydrate category. And vegetables are also composed of carbohydrates, although there are varying degrees of glycemic-inducing carbohydrates content. In general, “good carbs” are whole, in parent form, unprocessed, fresh or frozen fruits and nutrient-dense vegetables with very low carbohydrate glycemic load. In addition, eating PEO-based foods like fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way of keeping healthy and lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder