Humans Need Animal Protein Diet

Animal ProteinDaniel Colin Munro, the author of a book, “Man Alive, You’re Half Dead”. This book shows the advantages of high-protein diet to human body and how to eat your way to become and stay healthy. Dr. Munro also stated in his book that, “Herbivorous animals, such as the cow or sheep, eating only vegetable food, have specialized digestion. They are equipped to eat large quantities of food in proportion to their size, compared to humans. They all first alkalize their food by much chewing (their saliva being alkali), and they all re-chew their food for a long time (chewing the cud). They all have a large sack or pouch where man has a tiny appendix. Man, with his small appendix, seems plainly in the class of meat-eating animals, rather than the herbivorous animals with their large pouches. We cannot chew cud.”

This book has been written prior to Dr. Atkins. Dr. Munro’s book concluded that human being’s proper diet was based on science, not on opinion. Human body has smaller appendix, which is only designed to eat animal meat. Protein also has several benefits to human body. Your body can only function well if you acquire all the nutrients that it needs. Protein helps with metabolism and it helps burn fats. PEOs, natural fats as well as protein help satisfy your appetite. Protein from plants or plant-based protein contain only small amount of protein compared to animal-based proteins. Aside from protein, human body also needs important nutrients like natural fats and Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, but you can also acquire them from meat as well as vegetables. So in order to become and stay lean-for-life, you have to acquire all the nutrients that your body needs.


Mike Maunu – Founder