Improper Nutrition Is the Cause of Illness & Health Problems


There have been attempts by dietitians and nutritional authors to give the full story about what is required to become energized and lean-for-life, but most of their plans lack critical insight. By following incorrect nutritional recommendations, several people have harmed their metabolisms. Improper nutrition has made them ill and overweight. Lack of nutrients is the cause of several illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems and other deadly diseases. Several people have become perpetually exhausted, overweight and sick as a result of improper nutrition.

Your body needs proper nutrients that can only be acquired from the food that you consume every day. Essential nutrients that your body needs are Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein, natural fats and other vitamins. These nutrients help your body to function well. Did you realize that when your body stores excess carbohydrates (sugar) as fat it is also saving your life? It’s true. Your body is removing the sugar from your blood, since the sugar in your blood is regulated to very tight tolerances. Unfortunately, once removed from the blood, the sugar is stored as body fat. You’re fatter but still alive.

Furthermore, becoming and staying healthy and lean-for-life is not just doing exercise all the time and practicing diet that are popular today, you should be careful of what you eat. You should avoid eating take-out foods or eating from commercial restaurants, because food processing destroys food nutrients. It’s better that you prepare your own foods to make sure that you eating nutritious foods like organic fruits and vegetables, organic meat and other organic dairy and poultry products.


Mike Maunu – Founder