Improve Your Health With Enough Food Nutrients

Parent Essential OilsOverweight and health problems are caused by consumption of unhealthy foods. Nowadays, food nutrients are not present in all foods that you eat and this is due to food processing and chemicals like pesticides that are used in plant-based sources of foods well as feeds that are fed to animals. Food processing minimize or even destroys all the food nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein, natural fats and other vitamins and minerals that present in both plant-based and animal-based food sources.

Both food processing and chemicals does not just destroys or lessen food nutrients, but they can also cause deadly diseases such as cardiovascular disease or CVD, diabetes and even cancer. Today, there are many patients that are suffering health problems, because some nutritionists and physicians have lead people to practice diets that are dangerous to human health instead of making them healthy or preventing any diseases.

Carbohydrate is also another cause of healthy problems and obesity. Too much consumption of carbohydrate can make you fat and can even cause heart problems, so you have to minimize your consumption and start eating healthy diet that contain PEOs, protein and natural fats. To prevent form getting sick and become lean-for-life, you have to avoid eating processed foods that are commonly sold in food chains and restaurants. The better way of getting enough food nutrients is by eating plant-based food sources fresh and raw to ensure that all the nutrients are still intact when you consume them. For animal-based foods like meat, which are great sources of protein and natural fats, you have to cook them and not overcook them just to kill contaminating bacteria.


Mike Maunu – Founder